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TCCL Seed Library: Home

An open and circulating collection of heirloom garden seeds

Getting started

  1. Check out the Seed offerings online or in person at Central, Bixby, Collinsville, Glenpool, Hardesty, Martin, Nathan Hale, Zarrow or Suburban Acres or browse online.
  2. Pick five things you'd like to grow and save seed from.  
  3. Check them out and grow them.
  4. Let a few of the best plants go, set seeds, ripen fully and dry.
  5. Collect, dry, and label the seeds.  Keep some for yourself and give some back to the library.

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Seed Saving and Starting


Johanna Burton, Central Adult Services  


400 Civic Center, Tulsa OK 74103

"Returns" and Donations

After you check out seeds and grow your garden, we invite you to bring back seeds of the best plants to the library for others to grow next year.  But you are not required to bring back the same seeds you checked out, especially if they didn't do well for you.  We also welcome donations of open-pollinated seeds you're already saving.  For your convenience, here's a link to the return form.  Just print that, put the seeds in a container, and return to any library.  Thank you for helping build the Tulsa Seed Library!

For Librarians

Welcome to the Seed Library


The TCCL Seed Library is open!

Central Library 400 Civic Center 74103 

Bixby Library 20 E Breckenridge Ave 74008

Collinsville 1223 Main, 74021

Glenpool Library 730 E 141st St, 74033

Hardesty Regional Library 8316 E 93rd 74133

Martin Regional Library 2601 S Garnett Road​ 74129

Nathan Hale Library 6038 E 23rd St 74114

Suburban Acres Library 4606 N Garrison, 74126

Zarrow Regional Library 2224 W 51st St 74107

Seeds are also available through Outreach



Is seed-saving complicated?  Not necessarily.  The plants on the Advanced list require some tricks and planning but the Easy plants are perfect for beginners.

How do I tell what's open-pollinated and what's heirloom?  Most commercial packets will say if they're open-pollinated or hybrid.  If you're not sure, just look up the variety.

What if my plants don't do well?   Not everything will flourish; if you get seeds that don't do well, don't bother returning them.  On the other hand, if you have seeds from other plants that are really terrific, we would love to have some!  

Does the Seed Library want my left-over packets?  Yes, please!  If you have open-pollinated commercial seeds to share, we'd love some.  

Can I share plants, cuttings and bulbs too?  We have events where we can swap big things like bulbs and plants, but no way to store them in the library.

Where can I get these seeds?  At Glenpool, Nathan Hale, Suburban Acres and Zarrow libraries.

My Seed Library packet I checked out was way too big!  What can I do with the leftover seeds?  You're welcome to return them to the library, save them for next year, or share them with others.  If packets are consistently wrong-sized, let us know!  

How long is the checkout?  Your card will say six months, but we will delete the items before they ever come due so you will never get fines.  In practice, the seeds are yours to keep and use indefinitely.

It says i can check out five packets per season--what's your idea of a season?  We will clear records in early April, early July,  early October and early January so that you can check out seeds for spring, summer, fall and winter.

Can I tell if they're organic?  Can I be sure cross-pollinating plants like squashes and corn will come true?  We don't oversee seed savers' methods, so you just have to put some trust in your neighbors.  We do ask when you donate seeds from cross-pollinating plants you explain what isolation techniques you used.



Most of our seeds are saved at home by amateurs.  The TCCL Seed Library cannot guarantee their purity or germination rates.  Seed saving (and gardening) carries an element of chance.  If you check out seed that doesn't come true, please do let us know by posting a comment on the item's catalog record.  We want to hear what you think!

Not all donated seed is suitable for the seed library.  We will make every effort to find good homes for donated seeds we cannot use.

News and Events

​Spring 2018: Welcome new locations! Bixby, Collinsville, Hardesty, and Martin libraries have joined the Seed Library.

4/21/18 Seed Library at Tulsa Farmers Market on Cherry Street, 7-11

4/28 12-2 Kendall-Whittier Library Plant Swap

5/9 6-7 Central Library Bucket Gardening





How does this work?

You check out seeds (up to five packets) and grow your garden. Save seed from the best plants and return it to the library for others.

All of our seeds are open-pollinated and most are heirloom.  We strive to foster locally adapted varieties and by saving seeds you make them even more locally adapted.  Seed saving does take a little bit of know how but we try to make it simple for you.  Seeds are ranked by ease of seed-saving and we have lots of tips, links, and books for you to learn more.

You can browse the collections at nine locations or look at our online catalog.

  The Complete Guide to Saving Seeds 

What Seeds Can I Get?

To search seeds in the catalog, click here.

Seed availability is seasonal and depends on many factors. Varieties that have been available in the past may not be now. We try to offer seeds around their appropriate planting times. If there is something you'd like we don't have, let us know!