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Job Help: Get Started

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The Library Can Help!

The Tulsa City-County Library can help you navigate through these challenging economic times. From job listings to learning how to craft an effective resume, you're sure to find everything you need on this guide.  

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Need access to a computer to search for jobs, fill out online job applications or write a resume? Our 24 locations offer free computer access and wireless (Wi-Fi) connection. Find your neighborhood branch.

Get One-on-One Job Assistance

The following libraries offer one-on-one appointments to assist job seekers with resumes, interviews and other job skills.  

Book-A-Librarian appointments are available on a first-come, first-served basis and generally last 30-60 minutes. 

Call to set up an appointment.


Broken Arrow Library ■ 300 W. Broadway Ave. ■ 918-549-7500


Brookside Library ■ 1207 E. 45th Pl. ■ 918-549-7507


Hardesty Regional Library  8316 E 93rd St ■ 918-549-7550


Owasso Library ■ 103 W. Broadway ■ 918-549-7624


Skiatook Library ■ 316 E. Rogers ■  918-549-7676


Zarrow Regional Library  2224 W. 51st St. ■ 918-549-7683


Martin Regional Library  2601 S. Garnett ■ 918-549-7590 


Rudisill Regional Library  1520 N. Hartford ■ 918-549-7645


Collinsville Library  1223 Main ■ 918-549-7528



First Step: Get an Email Address

The first thing to do before any job search is to set up an email account.  Employers often ask you to email your resume or a job application.  Be one step ahead and have it ready to go.  

Many sites offer free email services.  Simply create an account by filling out the website form.

While the registration form can be somewhat intimidating, it only needs to be completed once.

Often times the desired username (the portion of the email address before the ‘@’ symbol) is already taken.  Get creative or pick one of the suggestions. 

Stuck? Try using your initials, middle name, a nickname (keep it professional), numbers or symbols

Make sure you note important details like your new email address and password so you are able to check your email in the future.