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House, Building, And Neighborhood Histories In Tulsa: Land


An abstract is a compilation of all instruments of record in the County Clerk's and Court Clerk's offices which materially affect a specific tract of land. Basically, it is all the legal records about a tract of land. Note that the abstract is specific to the land and not the building. 

The abstract of a property may be in the possession of the home owner or an abstract and title company. Abstract and title companies will allow you to examine an abstract in their office. A list of Tulsa abstract and title companies is located below. You will need the property's legal description when you call the companies to find the location of your property's abstract. Please see the getting started tab for more information on a property's legal description. 


Tulsa View is a mapping software product provided by the Tulsa County Assessor's Office.  It graphically displays land plots based on the annual tax assessor's rolls.  This program is available at the Central Library Research Center on PCs RS017C and RS029C.

You can use Tulsa View to find:

  • Property dimensions
  • Property owners
  • Zoning codes
  • Subdivision boundaries
  • Unplatted land
  • Physical descriptions and characteristics

If you need help using Tulsa View, please see the Land Records Research Guide for search tips or ask a librarian for assistance.



The Tulsa County Clerk is the recorder and custodian of land records and other real estate documents in the county. 

Land records are freely accessible in the Tulsa County Clerk's office. In the office, there are public access computers. On the public access computer desktops, there are links to the County Clerk Track Index folder, the Tulsa, OK Recorder database, and the Digital Reel database. The County Clerk Track Index folder is organized by subdivision. Here, you will find information on when a subdivision was platted and book and page and document numbers that you can use to find records in the other two databases. In the Tulsa, OK Recorder database, you can find content dating back to 1928. You can use the property's legal description to find post 1987 records. You can use book and page numbers to find pre 1987 records. Use the Digital Reel database for pre 1928 records.

You can print from the public access computers for $1.00 per page. 

The Tulsa County Clerk has placed the Historical Unplatted Tract Index, the Historical Platted Tract Index, and Tulsa County Plats online. 

Tulsa County Clerk  |  Tulsa County Administration Building, Room 120  |  500 S. Denver  |  Tulsa, OK 74103-3832  |  County Clerk Switchboard: (918) 596-5801  |  Fax: (918) 596-5819  |  Office hours:  8:30--5:00 Monday--Friday (excluding holidays)  


The Tulsa County Assessor is responsible for placing a fair market value on property. Oklahoma property taxes are "ad valorem," a Latin term meaning "as to value."

You will find property information on the Assessor's website. There are a number of ways to search for your property including: owner name, property address, subdivision, account number, parcel number, and map. 

Tulsa County Assessor  |  Tulsa County Administration Building, Room 215  |  500 S. Denver  |  Tulsa, OK 74103 Phone: (918) 596-5100  |  Fax: (918) 596-4799  |  Email: Office hours: 8:00–5:00 Monday–Friday (excluding holidays)