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Download eMagazines: The Basics

Learn how to read our eMagazines on your device.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is RBdigital?

RBdigital (formally Zinio) provides digital versions of popular magazines that you can read online in your web browser or offline by downloading the magazine to your computer or mobile device. These digital magazines ("eMagazines") are full-print, full-color duplicates of the print magazine, including ads. Many issues also include interactive elements such as video, audio and links.

What do I need to read or download magazines?

  • A valid Tulsa Library card
  • Internet access
  • A library RBdigital account to choose your magazines
  • A compatible device: Android, Blackberry PlayBook, iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch, Kindle Fire, NOOK HD/HD+, Mac or Windows computer 

Why do I need a library RBdigital account?

The account proves that you have a Tulsa Library card.

How do I read magazines?

The Online Reader allows you to read magazines using any web browser with Adobe Flash installed.

The Offline Reader, aka the Rbdigital app, allows you to download magazines that you have added to your account with the Online Reader and read them offline. 

NOTE: You cannot add magazines to your account using only the Offline Reader, aka the app. Instead, you must first add the magazine to your account using the Online Reader and only then will you be able to read it with the app.

NOTE: Customers with the Zinio for Libraries app will be prompted to update to the RBdigital app when they log in.

How many magazines can I download?

There is no limit.

How long can I keep the magazines I download?

You can keep them forever or until you decide to delete them.

Are there overdue fees?

No. All magazines provided by Tulsa Library via Rbdigital are free.

How do I get new magazines?

Check back with our Rbdigital magazine collection each month to add the new issues to your RBdigital account.

Why is Rbdigital asking me to pay for a magazine?

RBdigital is a commercial site that sells digital magazine subscriptions. However, all magazines provided by Tulsa Library via RBdigital are free. When you are choosing a magazine, be sure to do it from Tulsa Library's RBdigital site and not the commercial RBdigital site (

I am receiving emails from RBdigital with special promotions and offers. How do I stop receiving these emails?

At the bottom of every email is an "Update Contact Preferences" link that you can use to change your email preferences.

When updating my contact preferences, it asks whether I want to hide or display adult content. You don't subscribe to adult magazines, right?!?

Correct. RBdigital's commercial site gives users the option of adult content. Tulsa Library does not subscribe to this content. For example, just as you could purchase adult content from Amazon while you are in the process of checking out a Kindle ebook from Tulsa Library, you could opt to purchase adult content from RBdigital while you are in the process of checking out a magazine from Tulsa Library.

For answers to more questions, read RBdigital's FAQs or view the complete Guide

Need Help?

For your library Zinio account (RBdigital Gateway), such as: 

  • An error in the email address on your library gateway account to Zinio via RBdigital.
  • You get the error "Barcode is already in use" when creating an account with your library card number.

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