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2018 Children's Summer Reading Program: Events

General information about the 2018 Children's Summer Reading Program at the Tulsa City-County Library

What You Can Do to Help Your Child Enjoy Library Events

What can you do to help your child enjoy library events?


Remind your child to take a drink of water and use the restroom.


  • When your child arrives late, he/she has missed the performer's explanation about the program and may find it harder to participate.
  • Allow time to see the entire performance. By leaving early, you distract the attention of the children.
  • If younger children become restless, quietly step outside the room for a few minutes. This helps everyone, including the performer, concentrate on the program.


  • Children learn how to participate by watching how adults participate. Your child will enjoy the program more if you also are actively involved.
  • Children and adults are asked to put on their listening ears and turn down their volume control. Talking during the performance distracts everyone.
  • Please turn off cellphones during the performance.
  • Drinks, snacks and toys distract children and those around them. Save these for after the program.


Please pick up your child on time. Children become frightened when their ride is late. We encourage parents to remain in the library during the program.

Events this Summer for Children

For a full list of events for children and families this summer at our 24 library locations, please see the 2018 Summer Reading Program event guide, or under "Classes & Events" on

From balloons to ballet, magic to juggling, you'll find something to delight and entertain your child this summer!

Event Descriptions

For dates, times and library locations where these performers will be, please see the Summer Reading Program event guide.

123 Andres!

Andrés Salguero (aka 123 Andrés) brings joyful sounds, passion for bilingualism, and a high-energy love of music that gets kids singing and dancing in Spanish and English. A native of Bogotá, Colombia, Andrés won the 2016 Latin Grammy Award for Best Children's Album. Billboard Magazine called him "a rock star for little language learners."

American Indian Dances and Storytelling With Mike and Lisa Pahsetopah

Listen to traditional storytelling and see spectacular dances, including women’s dance styles such as buckskin, Southern cloth, jingle and fancy shawl.

Animal Adventures Presented by Tulsa Children's Museum

Children will take an imaginary trek through the jungle, pretending to be explorers on a grand animal adventure. They will cool off with butterfly breathing. Class size is limited. For ages 4-6.

Bounce’n Beethovens Presented by Midtown School of Performing Arts

Children explore music through movement and instruments as they play with egg shakers, bells, rhythm sticks, drums and maracas in this fun, interactive program for parents and kids.

Chris Capstone the Magician

There’s never a dull moment with Chris Capstone and his fun, interactive magic tricks!

Dino O’Dell and the Heroes From Outer Space!

Whether he’s swimming with the piranhas in South America, jumping with kangaroos in Australia or fixing spaceships in Europe, Dino’s stories and songs are fun for all ages. Join this award-winning educator and songwriter for a trip around the world.

Dustin Reudelhuber – The Balloon Guy!

Voted children's entertainer of the year by TulsaKids magazine, Dustin entertains audiences with magic, juggling and amazing balloon sculptures. You never know what to expect!

Elephant Toothpaste Presented by Tulsa Children's Museum

Physical and chemical reactions get foamy with this elephant-sized, exothermic chemical reaction. Watching the elephant toothpaste expand and foam is a favorite! Class size is limited. For ages 6-12.

Gather Around the Fire Presented by Gilcrease Museum

Storytelling is a timeless, vital part of being human. Discover how art tells stories. Make your own story cubes with images to inspire you and your family and friends to create stories together. Ideal for ages 6-12. Class size limited to 30.

Geometric Bubbles Presented by Tulsa Children's Museum

Physics and geometry have never been so up in the air! Bubbles make for a fun and uplifting teaching tool in this hands-on class. Class size limited.

Kids on the Block: You're Not the Boss of Me! Presented by the Parent Child Center of Tulsa

This educational puppet program teaches kids how to deal with bullying. In this presentation, Eddy is being harassed by a school bully and is unsure how to resolve the situation. When his friend Clare insists he talk about it, Eddy lashes out in frustration. With Clare's help, Eddy learns that problems with a bully are not something to be ashamed of or embarrassed about - nor are bullies a problem you have to deal with on your own.

Laura Doherty Duo: Sing, Sing a Song!

In this upbeat, interactive concert, nationally touring Laura Doherty gets kids engaged from the first strum of her acoustic guitar as she performs songs from her five award-winning children's CDs. Ideal for ages 0-10.

Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band

These Latin Grammy Award winners are back in town! Named by USA Today as the best new band on the children’s music scene, this show is a hip-shaking, head-bopping, Los Angeles-based explosion of fun!

Mad Science Rocks

Mad Science is all about sparking children's imaginations through scientific discoveries. From rockets to robots, science can be found everywhere! Children are delighted and excited when they learn to explore and experience the scientific world around them through this lively, hands-on science program. Ideal for ages 4-12.

Matt Sandbank's Shadow Puppet Factory

This shadow puppetry show enlivens the imagination, awakens curiosity about the world, and excites young audiences about the power of creativity. Children will have a rollicking good time!

Mike Schneider’s Polka Music
Kids will get a kick out of Uncle Mike's jokes and catchy sing-along polka songs. No one goes home without doing the "Chicken Dance" and a special polka version of "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes." Participation opportunities abound in this show that's fun for all ages!

Mindful Moves Presented by Tulsa Children's Museum

Through fun games, children develop cognitive capabilities, practice awareness of self and others, focus and discipline, and learn how to find energetic balance. Class size is limited. For ages 4-6.

Monty Harper Sings!
Welcome to the wacky world of Monty Harper’s imagination. Laugh, move and sing along with songs that spin fantastical tales of brainiacs, indestructible cats, bibliovores and more. Marvel as Monty conjures a new song out of your suggestions, right before your very ears!

Mr. Stinky Feet Returns

Mr. Stinky Feet will get the whole family rocking! With a healthy dose of clever fun and a whole lot of heart, Jim Cosgrove’s music inspires the childlike nature of kids and adults. The songs in his set list give a nod to his folk-rock roots with hints of blues and country and an occasional kick of Cajun and Jamaican spice. His hit tunes “Stinky Feet” and “Ooey Gooey” tickle the whimsical spirits of kids of all ages.

Music With Charlie Hope

Originally from Canada, Charlie has won several Independent Music Awards for her children's albums. Her children's music is melodic, interactive, and singable! Whether you're a parent or child, you'll find an opportunity to stomp your feet, become a train or roar like a lion! Ideal for ages 1-8.

Music With Will Parker

Children's songwriter and teaching artist Will Parker makes music for "kids ages 1-100." During Will's whimsical, interactive show, he plays guitar and harmonica, and sings songs that open us up to the world of imagination while simultaneously validating the human experience. A fan favorite of Will's show is an improvised song based on topic suggestions from the audience.

Paul Mesner Puppets Presents: The Cat Came Back

Based on the folk song made popular by Fred Penner, this performance tells the tale of Mister Johnson and a mysterious cat wh keeps returning to his doorstep. Mister Johnson tried everything he can to get the cat to go away, from giving her to a pilot to sending her into outer space. The cat, however, keeps coming back!

Paul Mesner Puppets Presents: The Dinosaur Show

Dig into the prehistoric past with this hilarious, informative performance about dinosaurs. Brought back from extinction, the dinosaurs spring to life through an assortment of puppetry techniques, plus a special performance by the acclaimed paleontologist Dr. Dino Sawyer. During the show, find out facts about how dinosaurs lived and became extinct, plus judge for yourself when it comes to a few of the scientist's more ridiculous theories.

The Que Pastas

The Que Pastas are a kindie (kid+indie=kindie) band from Austin. When not playing music for kids and their families, The Que Pastas are often found eating cereal and watching documentaries on Netflix.

Science Fun With Chris Middlebrook

This crazy science show features homemade experiments and futuristic skateboards.

Sombreros and Spurs Presented by Gilcrease Museum

Are real cowboys and cowgirls just like they are shown in the movies? Listen to stories and see artwork that separates myth from reality, and learn some tricks of the trade with hands-on activities. Ideal for ages 5-11. Class size limited to 30.

Staci Gray Music

From story songs to movement songs, Staci's music has something for everyone! Come and check out the Crocodile Dance and Big Bubble Bebop!

Time to Get Funky With Sugar Free Allstars

This Grammy-featured, family funk super duo from Oklahoma City has been listed as one of Time magazine's top 12 family music acts in America. They blend elements of soul, rhythm and blues, disco, gospel and New Orleans street parade music to provide a high-energy rock-show experience described as funky, foot-stompin’, hand-clappin’, body movin’ and groovin’ dance-until-you-drop party for all ages!

Tommy Terrific’s Wacky Magic: Jazz Pioneer Louis Armstrong

The show features magic tricks related to Louis Armstrong's innovative jazz standards, such as "Hello Dolly," "When the Saints Go Marching In" and "What a Wonderful World." Throughout the show, Tommy Terrific explores Armstrong's fascinating life and numerous accomplishments. 

Vaudeville Folk Duo: Jack and Kitty Norton

This Emmy Award-winning duo are co-creators and co-stars of a hit TV series for preschoolers, which airs on over 150 PBS stations nationwide and in 175 countries worldwide via the AFN Family Network. Nominated for six Emmy awards, Jack and Kitty's show is seen by an average of 5 million families every day!

Tulsa's Channel 8 Reads @ the Library

News anchors from Tulsa's Channel 8 will read their favorite children's books and share how vital reading is to understanding news events around the world.

Twist A Tale: Writing Workshop for Kids

Find out how books get written! Children's author Brenda Maier (The Little Red Fort) will walk future writers ages 7-10 through turning traditional tales into creative retellings. Kids will leave with their own book ideas and a "dummy book" to get them started on the path to authorship.

Vaudeville Folk Duo: Jack and Kitty Norton

This Emmy Award-winning duo are co-creators and c-stars of a hit TV series for preschoolers, which airs on over 150 PBS stations nationwide and in 175 countries worldwide. Nominated for six Emmy awards, Jack and Kitty's show is seen by an average of 5 million families every day!