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2016 Children's Summer Reading Program: Events

Learn more about how children can participate in the 2016 Summer Reading Program at the Tulsa City-County Library!

What You Can Do to Help Your Child Enjoy Library Events

What can you do to help your child enjoy library events?


Remind your child to take a drink of water and use the restroom.


  • When your child arrives late, he/she has missed the performer's explanation about the program and may find it harder to participate.
  • Allow time to see the entire performance. By leaving early, you distract the attention of the children.
  • If younger children become restless, quietly step outside the room for a few minutes. This helps everyone, including the performer, concentrate on the program.


  • Children learn how to participate by watching how adults participate. Your child will enjoy the program more if you also are actively involved.
  • Children and adults are asked to put on their listening ears and turn down their volume control. Talking during the performance distracts everyone.
  • Please turn off cellphones during the performance.
  • Drinks, snacks and toys distract children and those around them. Save these for after the program.


Please pick up your child on time. Children become frightened when their ride is late. We encourage parents to remain in the library during the program.

Events this Summer for Children

For a full list of events for children and families this summer at our 24 library locations, please see the 2016 Summer Reading Program event guide here, or under "Classes & Events" on

From balloons to shadow puppets, magic to slime art, you'll find something to delight and entertain your child this summer!

Event Descriptions

For dates, times and library locations where these performers will be, please see the Summer Reading Program event guide.

American Indian Dances and Storytelling With Mike and Lisa Pahsetopah

Listen to traditional storytelling and see spectacular dances, including women’s dance styles such as buckskin, Southern cloth, jingle and fancy shawl.

Balloons, Juggling and Fun With Dustin Reudelhuber

Clown around with juggling and much more. Dustin’s performance is always a really exciting treat as you never know what to expect!

Big Bang Boom Band Presents Because I Said So!

This high-energy show features funky, original music. Parents and kids will find it hard to stay in their seats.

The Boogers Are Back!

The world’s “most dangerous” rock band for kids, The Boogers was created by Dr. Paul Crowe, who has a doctorate in developmental psychology and 20 years of experience playing clubs as a punk rocker opening for the Ramones.

Didgeridoo Down Under Show

This show is a unique fusion of Australian music, culture, puppetry, comedy, reading motivation, character building and audience participation. The didgeridoo, usually a hollow tree trunk, has been played by Aboriginal Australians for at least 1,500 years, and is known for its otherworldly sound. This summer we will include a special segment on Australian sports, such as cricket and rugby. We also will demonstrate how the didgeridoo can enhance one's fitness and wellness through repetitive breathing and didgeri-dancing! 

Dino O’Dell and the Heroes From Outer Space!

Scientists, astronauts and space aliens save the day in this outer-space adventure. Galileo, Sir Isaac Newton and Neil Armstrong tell their stories. Dig it!

Jack and Kitty Norton, Emmy Award-Winning Vaudeville Folk Duo

Jack and Kitty spent years as co-creators and co-stars of a hit preschool kids television series, which currently airs on more than 150 PBS stations nationwide and in 175 countries worldwide via the AFN Family Network. Nominated for six Emmy awards, Jack and Kitty's work for youngsters is seen by an average of 5 million families every day. 

Lucky Diaz and The Family Jam Band

These Latin Grammy Award winners are back in town! Named by USA Today as the best new band on the children’s music scene, this show is a hip-shaking, head-bopping, Los Angeles-based explosion of fun!

Matt Sandbank’s Shadow Puppet Factory

This shadow puppetry show will enliven the imagination, awaken curiosity about the world and excite young audiences about the power of creativity. Children will have a rollicking good time!

Monty Harper Sings!
Monty Harper gives an energetic performance of original songs that will have you moving and grooving in celebration of books and reading! Join Monty as he sings "Reading Makes Me Want to Dance Out Loud," "You're a Dinosaur!" and other favorites.

The Que Pastas

Come and jam out with this Austin-based “kindie” band. Bring your coolest shades and sing along with their summer hit “Sunglasses.”

Staci Gray Music

From story songs to movement songs, Staci's music has something for everyone! Come and check out the “Crocodile Dance” and “Big Bubble Bebop”!

Sticks and Stones

Kids on the Block from the Parent Child Center of Tulsa will present a puppet show on what to do in bullying situations, particularly if someone is name calling. 

Sugar Free Allstars Present Fun and Funky Music for Families

Rock out with the funky tunes of this OKC jamming duo. Dance to hits like “Bathtub Boy” and “Banana Pudding.”

Tommy Terrific’s Magical Superheroes
With the help of a Magician's Comic Book, kids will guide Tommy Terrific through a fun, interactive, magical adventure! Along the way, kids will discover how books can inspire their own imagination and make their favorite superheroes come to life.

Tulsa Children’s Museum Presents Airmazing

Students will explore Newton’s Laws of Motion and air pressure by creating their own air cannons.

Tulsa Children’s Museum Presents Bridges

Students will learn about the four types of bridges and how the design plays a part in the strength of bridges. They will test the stability of their bridge by seeing how much weight it can hold.

Tulsa Children’s Museum Presents Bubble Science

Explore the physics and geometry of a bubble and experiment with the properties and formations of bubbles.

Tulsa Children’s Museum Presents Kaleidoscopes

Students will explore how light waves interact and reflect. Students will build a working kaleidoscope from recyclable materials.

Tulsa Children’s Museum Presents Rainbow Food

Using the rainbow, children will learn about nutrition to understand the importance of food. Children will leave with a new awareness of how to identify and incorporate healthy food into their diet.

Tulsa Children’s Museum Presents RECESS+ (Body=Brain=Balance)

Using movement and play, children will learn to manage their emotional and physical health.

Tulsa Children’s Museum Presents the Science of Triangles

Students will explore the use of shapes in architecture, while discovering the strength triangles provide for structures. Using spaghetti and minimarshmallows, students will create their own structure.

Tulsa Children’s Museum Presents Scribble Bots

Transform recycled materials into working bots that scribble. Learn about simple circuits and batteries to power your creations.

Tulsa Children’s Museum Presents Skyscrapers

Students will work in groups and design free-standing structures out of various materials.

Tulsa Children’s Museum Presents Slime

Children will learn the states of matter and create a non-Newtonian substance (slime). They will explore the texture, elasticity and consistency of their slime by conducting a series of tests.

Tulsa Children’s Museum Presents Squishy Circuits

Kids will learn about conductors and insulators and discover how conductive dough and batteries can power LED lightbulbs, buzzers and simple motors.