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Download Audiobooks : OverDrive Audiobooks For Your Computer

Learn how to search for, download and listen to our audiobooks on your device.

Listen To Audiobooks Using Your Computer

You can checkout OverDrive's audiobooks and download them to your computer in order to:

  • Listen to them on your computer
  • Burn them to a cd (not all audiobooks support this feature)
  • Transfer them to a mobile device, e.g. MP3\WMA player or smartphone

You must install the desktop version of OverDrive Media Console on your Windows or Mac to download audiobooks to your computer. If you want to transfer these audiobooks to a mobile device, do so using the cable that came with your device.

If you have one of the following devices, you can download audiobooks directly (wirelessly) to your device and you should visit the Audiobooks For Your Mobile Device tab for installation directions

  • Apple iPhone\iPad\iPod touch
  • Android device (phone or tablet) v1.5 (or newer)
  • Kindle Fire
  • NOOK Color, NOOK Tablet, or NOOK HD
  • Touch screen BlackBerry OS v4.7 (or newer)
  • Non-touch screen BlackBerry OS v4.5 (or newer)
  • Windows Phone 7 (or newer)
  • Windows 8 device (phone or tablet)

To see the full list of supported mobile devices to which you can transfer an audiobook, visit, check the Portable Devices box and then check the MP3 and\or the WMA box. If you check the WMA box, be sure you check the one with the book icon and not the one with the music note icon:

supported portable devices

Our audiobooks come in two formats: MP3 and WMA.

MP3 audiobooks work on:

  • Android device (phone or tablet) v1.5 (or newer)
  • Apple iPhone\iPad\iPod touch
  • Kindle Fire
  • NOOK Color, NOOK Tablet, or NOOK HD
  • Touch screen BlackBerry OS v4.7 (or newer)
  • Non-touch screen BlackBerry OS v4.5 (or newer)
  • Mac 10.4.9 (or newer)
  • Windows 98 (or newer)
  • Windows Phone 7 (or newer)

On Windows and Mac, you can transfer MP3 audiobooks to supported devices and, if you wish, burn them to a CD. If you are not wanting to burn a CD but are simply wanting to listen to MP3 audiobooks to your supported mobile device, we strongly recommend you install the OverDrive Media Console app on your mobile device and use it instead of downloading the title to your computer and then transferring it to your mobile device via a cable. See the Audiobooks For Your Mobile Device tab for instructions.

WMA (Windows Media Audio) audiobooks only work on Windows computers.

WMA audiobooks will not work on Mac. If you want to download a WMA audiobook to your Windows computer and then transfer it to your iPhone\iPad\iPod touch via the USB cable, you will have to make changes to your iTunes settings. Watch the Getting Started-Portable Devices video for directions on changing your iTunes settings.

Not all WMA audiobooks will work on an iPhone\iPad\iPod touch. Keep an eye out for catalog records like the one below that show a title that is incompatible with Apple devices (note the grayed out iPod icon):


NOTE: MP3 audiobooks can be returned early. WMA audiobooks cannot be returned early so choose your checkout period of 7 or 14 days accordingly.

Downloading & Installing OverDrive Media Console:

Download the desktop version of OverDrive Media Console for your Windows or Mac from

For Windows 8 computers, follow these instructions.

WINDOWS USERS ONLY: To play audiobooks on your computer, you will need to perform a simple security upgrade for Windows Media Player. After you have installed OverDrive Media Console, open it, click on the Tools menu then choose Windows Media Player Security Upgrade and follow the directions:

wmp security upgrade

For directions on using OverDrive Media Console on your Windows or Mac, watch these videos that explain:

You are now ready to browse the Digital Catalog for audiobooks. In your search results, the black headphones means the title is available for checkout while the light gray headphones means that all copies are checked out:


When you click on a cover image, you will see the details for the title:

audiobook details

If you need more help, click on the green Ask a Question button on the right or AskUs.