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Download eBooks : Overdrive for Mobile Device

Learn how to search for, download and read our eBooks on your device.

Read OverDrive Ebooks On Your Mobile Device

Using the OverDrive app, you can download OverDrive's EPUB eBooks directly to your:

  • Apple iPhone\iPad\iPod touch
  • Android device (phone or tablet) v1.5 (or newer)
  • Kindle Fire
  • NOOK Color, NOOK Tablet, or NOOK HD
  • Windows Phone 7 (or newer)
  • Windows 8 device (computer, phone or tablet)

This app is freely available in the location from which you install all other apps for your device, e.g. Apple's App Store, Google Play, etc.

If you don't want to be bothered with installing OverDrive on your Apple, Android, Kindle Fire or Windows Phone 8, you can still read eBooks through OverDrive READ by simply using your device's browser. See OverDrive for Computer\Ereader for directions.

Downloading & Installing the OverDrive Media Console App:

This page has videos for AndroidAppleKindle, NOOK and Windows mobile devices that will show you how to:

  • Install OMC on your device
  • Create an Overdrive Account
  • Search for and download eBooks
  • Read eBooks
  • Return eBooks early

This PDF will show you how to install OMC on your Kindle Fire.

Visit the OverDrive For Computer\Ereader tab for directions on installing Adobe Digital Editions.

The directions below show specifically how to install OMC for Apple devices but the installation steps are fairly similar for different devices.
To install the OMC app for your Apple device, open the App Store on your Apple device, search for overdrive and then install the app.

  1. When you first install OMC, you will be prompted to authorize your device with an Overdrive Account:

    · Once you have authorized your account, Overdrive will open and take you to your bookshelf. 

  2. ·Click on the 3 horizontal lines in the top left and then click ‘Add a Library’:





  3. On the library finder screen, enter tulsa to search for libraries in Tulsa. Tap on your branch in the search results (it doesn't matter which Tulsa City-County Library branch you choose from this list) and then tap on the star next to the branch to add it as a favorite:


To start searching, simply tap on your branch's name and you can now browse the EPUB eBook collection.

If you need more help, click on the green Ask a Question button on the right or AskUs.

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EditCheck Out Overdrive Ebooks On Your Mobile Device

  1.   Click on ‘Tulsa City-County Library’ to open up our digital catalog. 



         2. Once you find a title you wish to check out, click on the cover. If the item is available, a square that says ‘Borrow’ will pop up. If the item is checked out, an option to ‘Place a Hold’ will come up instead.

         3. Once you select your option, it will ask you to enter your Library Card Number. 


         4. Once you’ve entered your card number, it will borrow the item you selected and take you to your online account.

         5. If you were placing a hold on an item, you will be prompted to enter your email so that you may be notified when the item is ready for you. Please note that there is an option under the item to automatically check out the item when it is ready for you. You can enable or disable this option in accordance with your preference. 

         6. Once an item appears in your account bookshelf, you have successfully checked it out and can now download it to your Overdrive App or read it in your browser. If you select ‘Read (in your browser)’ the book will open in your internet browser, but will not download to your app.

         7. If you select the ‘Download’ option, you will be prompted to select a format to download from the available formats. If you would like to read the ebook in your Overdrive app, select the ‘Adobe EPUB’ version, then ‘Confirm and Download.  The book will then download to your device. 

         8. If you return to the app, the item will appear in your bookshelf. Clicking on the cover will open the book and you can then begin reading. 






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EditReturn Your Ebook Early

These videos will show you how to return an eBook early using your mobile device.

The directions below show specifically how to return an eBook early on an Apple device but the steps involved are fairly similar for different devices.

Returning Your eBook Early:

  1. On the bookshelf screen in the OverDrive app, tap tap and hold on the title you want to return then tap Return:

  2. Tap Return again to confirm: