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Download eBooks : Overdrive for Computer/eReader

Learn how to search for, download and read our eBooks on your device.

Read Overdrive In Your Browser

Read OverDrive Ebooks In Your Browser

OverDrive READ allows you to read eBooks in your browser, without additional downloads, as long as you have an Internet connection.  Look for "OverDrive READ" in the Available formats section for titles that can be read in the browser. Reading an eBook in your browser does not require the creation of an Adobe ID and is supported on the following devices:

  • Apple iPhone\iPad\iPod Touch (iOS version 5 or higher)
  • Android phone\tablet (version 2.3 or higher)
  • Kindle Fire HD (with the Accelerate Page Loading feature turned off)
  • NOOK Color and HD
  • Windows Phone 8

and on a Windows, Linux or Mac computer running one of the following browsers:

  • Chrome (version 7 or higher)
  • Internet Explorer (version 7 or higher)
  • Safari (version 5 or higher)
  • Firefox (version 4 or higher)
  • Opera (version 11.5 or higher)

This is not a complete list so to test whether your device can read an ebook in the broswer, try reading this OverDrive Read sample now. If the book opens, you're set!


To check out a book, click on the cover image then click Borrow:


Enter your library card number and click Sign In Using Library Card:


Click on the Read Now button to begin reading the book:

Read more about reading OverDrive eBooks in your browser.

Read OverDrive Ebooks On Your Computer Or Ereader

This section has the directions on how to download an ebook to your Windows or Mac computer in order to read it or transfer it to your ereader via its cable. To see the full list of supported ereaders, visit

NOTE: Instructions for reading eBooks on the iPad, newer NOOKs (NOOK Color, NOOK Tablet, and NOOK HD) or any of the Kindles may be found above, or if you want to install the OverDrive Media Console app to read eBooks, visit the Overdrive for Mobile Device tab. 

Instructions for downloading eBooks to a Kindle version other than the Fire may be found on on the OverDrive For Kindle tab.

Downloading & Installing Adobe Digital Editions:

You will need Adobe Digital Editions in order to download and transfer e-books to your device via your computer. (For Windows 8 users, you can download Overdrive for Windows 8. More information about that can be found here). 

You can download Adobe Digital Editions here. Chose the current version of Adobe Digital Editions applicable to your type of system (i.e. Macintosh or Windows). Once you have downloaded Adobe Digital Editions, go to "Help" and select "Authorize Computer." (see screenshot)  If you wish to download e-books to other devices, you will need to create an Adobe ID. If needed, OverDrive Help has more information on authorizing your Adobe Digital Editions

Once you find the book you want to download, simply click on the book cover and select "Borrow." You will be prompted to provide your library card number and then taken to your bookshelf where you will click the "Download" button next to the book cover, select the EPUB format and tap "Confirm and Download." After downloading, the e-book should instantly open in Adobe Digital Editions.

Transfer to Your Device:

To transfer the e-book to your device, connect the device to your computer with the USB cord. Once the device is recognized, it will appear on Adobe Digital Editions under "Devices." (see screenshot) 

Simply click on the e-book and drag it to the device. To confirm that the e-book has been transferred, click on the device icon in Adobe Digital Editions and the book cover should appear:  

For more information, go to

If you need more help, click on the green Ask aQuestion button on the right or AskUs.