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TCCL Seed Library: Starting from Seed

An open and circulating collection of heirloom garden seeds

More Resources for Gardeners

Our Research librarians have created a gardening resource guide with pages on basics, herbs and vegetables, and regional gardening.  Click here to check it out.

 The Tulsa County OSU Extension Office offers a variety of educational services and fact sheets, as well as faciltating the Tulsa Master Gardeners Program.  Master Gardeners operate a gardening helpline M-F 9-4, 918-746-3701.


Start tomato seeds 8-5 weeks before average last frost.  In Tulsa, that's mid February to early March.  These instructions will also serve for peppers and other warm weather, long season plants you want to start indoors.

Start indoors.  

Sow in flats or small pots, or any other container that will drain water and hold up for two months.  Use sterile seed-starting medium.  Barely cover with soil and keep surface moist with a spray bottle.  Keep flats or pots in a warm place or on heating mat; light is not required yet.  

In a week to 10 days, seeds should germinate.  Thin to one plant per cell, or to several inches room in a pot.  Place under grow lights or in a very sunny south-facing window. 

Keep the seedlings warm, well-lit, and moist.  Transplant into larger pots after a week or two.  Many gardeners swear by gently stroking the seedlings to encourage sturdy growth.

As spring warms up, gradually harden the seedlings off by placing them outdoors, first for a few hours at a time, then longer periods, on mild days.

Plant out only after all danger of frost.

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