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Books and Reading: Your Next Great Read

So many books, so little time. Let us lead you to your next great read through the resources available in this guide.

What is Your Next Great Read?

Your Next Great Read is Tulsa City-County Library's personalized Readers' Advisory service. Your Next Great Read  

What is Readers' Advisory? Readers' Advisory is the practice of connecting people to stories that they will enjoy.

What's a great read?  Any book that YOU love--whether that's a nail-biting thriller or a reflective family saga.  

How does it work? Simply fill out this survey of your reading preferences, interests, and history, and we will develop a custom reading guide with suggested authors and titles you might enjoy.  This service is free to Tulsa City-County Library cardholders.

If you've recently filled out the survey and received a reading guide, but would like some additional titles, you can fill out a follow up survey to get a few more recommendations.

This service is also available for teens and tweens.

Read the Library Journal article about this service attached below.