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Read eNewspapers: Use PressReader on Your Device

Learn how to read our eNewspapers on your device.

Read Newspapers Online or Offline With The PressReader App

You can read newspapers online or offline on your computer or mobile device using the PressReader app. Newspapers can only be downloaded using the wifi connection at any library branch.


The PressReader app allows you to download newspapers to your:

• Android device
• Blackberry PlayBook
• iPhone\iPad\iPod Touch
• Windows Phone 7
• Windows 8 device

Watch the following videos to learn about PressReader for your device. For directions on installing PressReader on your device, see the guides at the bottom of the page. If you need more help, click on the green Ask a Question button on the right or AskUs.

PressReader on Android:

PressReader on BlackBerry 10:

PressReader on iPad:

PressReader on Windows 8: