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African-American Resource Center: Grapevine Literary Society Book Club

A guide to the holdings of the African-American Resource Center of the Tulsa City-County Library.

Membership is free and open to the public.


HISTORY: The Grapevine Literary Society was established on February 16, 2004 with four members. Founding members of the Book Club were: Alicia Latimer, Jackie Goodman, Viviane Patton, and Desrie Terrie

Meeting Date: The third Monday of each month.

Meeting Time: 6:30 - 8:30 p.m.
Meeting Place: For location details please call 918.549.7645.

The governing committee is appointed by the AARC Coordinator.  The current president, Charmetrea L. Cobbs, is also chair of the Governing committee. The Governing Committee consists only of the founding members of the GLC, the current president of the GLC, and the AARC Coordinator. Because the GLS is a part of the TCCL, the AARC Coordinator has final say regarding any disputes or questions pertaining to GLC's governance. 

The Grapevine Literary Society is an informal membership organization, open to all men and women who are interested in discussing and expanding their knowledge of literature written primarily by African-American authors. Membership is obtained by attending one meeting.

Book Selection:
Any member of the Grapevine Literary Society may submit a book for selection. Title, author and synopsis of the book must be available at the time of the selection. Discussion questions regarding the book’s content must be turned in to the  book club at the beginning of the meeting. The discussion is led by the person who provided the list of three books for the monthly selection process.

Every person in attendance will be permitted to vote for only one book.

The person hosting the monthly meeting must provide a list of discussion questions one week prior to the next scheduled meeting via email to the  to the club president.

The Governing Committee reserves the right to veto any book selection.  The Governing Committee must approve all final book selections.

Every person in attendance will be permitted to vote on the rating of the book, as long as they have read the book in its entirety.

It is preferable that all book titles to be discussed come from the Tulsa City-County Library's collection, located at


1.   I could not finish it
2.   Hardly worth the trouble
3.   Well written and enjoyable
4.   Would recommend it to others
5.   Superior. If possible, should be made into a movie

NOTE: If the African-American Resource Center is bringing in a visiting author, one of that author’s books may be selected for the meeting immediately before the scheduled appearance.

Meeting Locations: Meetings are generally held on the third Monday of each month. Meetings are held at variousTulsa restaurants. However, individual book members may select a different location for the month in which they have provided the book selection choices. Please contact the AARC Coordinator to be sure of the location of a meeting and to be added to the GLS membership mailing list.

Please Respect the following rules:

Childcare is not provided
No profanity
Adults only discussion
Each member pays for their own meal