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African-American Resource Center: Historic All-Black Towns in Oklahoma

A guide to the holdings of the African-American Resource Center of the Tulsa City-County Library.

All Back Towns bus tour

Historic All-Black Town Tour 2015 scheduled for Saturday, June 13.  This year, we visit Summitt, Rentiesville (Battle of Honey Springs), Tullahassee and the community of Warior.

SPECIAL GUEST: Blues Hall of Fame guitarist and historian Harold Alford!  

Non-refundable Tour Tickets are $45.00 and  will go on sale on May 1, 2015. 

Between 1865 and 1915, approximately 50 years after the Civil War, there were at least 60 Black Towns settled in the Nation. With more than 20, Oklahoma led all other states. With help from the Five Civilized Tribes, Freedmen from the South settled the all Black Towns of Oklahoma. Most of these towns were established by African-Americans for African-Americans on land that was formerly held by one of the Five Civilized Tribes.

The annual Historic All-Black Town Tour is held on the 2nd Saturday in June. Two busloads of travelers visit towns in various quantrants of Oklahoma with a historian on each bus.  In each town, the history of the town and their part in Oklahoma history is told by local historians and citizens.

Tickets go on sale on May 1 of each year. For a nominal fee, the day-long tour begins at 7 a.m. and ends by 5:30 p.m. Meals are included in the fare.

For more information about the Historic All-Black Town Tours, contact the AARC Coordinator. 

Historic All Black Towns of Oklahoma:

  • Boley
  • Brooksville
  • Clearview
  • Grayson
  • Langston
  • Lincoln
  • Redbird
  • Rentiesville
  • Taft
  • Tatums
  • Tullahassee
  • Vernon
  • Wewoka

All-Black Towns No Longer in Existence:

  • Bailey
  • Bookertee
  • Canadian Colored
  • Chase
  • Ferguson
  • Gibson Station
  • Liberty
  • Marshall Town
  • North Fork
  • Wellston Colony
  • Wybark

Map of the All Black Towns