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State Government: Oklahoma Emblems and Mottos

What is the state game bird?

The state game bird is the Wild Turkey.

source: Oklahoma Almanac 1995/96, p. 24

What are the Oklahoma state colors?

The Oklahoma state colors are green & white.

Source: Oklahoma Almanac 1995/96, p. 24.

What is the Oklahoma state fish?

The white bass (also known as the sand bass) is Oklahoma's state fish.

Source: Oklahoma Almanac 1995/96, p.24.

What is the Oklahoma state reptile?

The state reptile is the collared lizard, also known as the mountain boomer (Crotaphytus collaris).

Source: Oklahoma Almanac 1995/96, p. 24.

What is the Oklahoma state bird?

The Oklahoma state bird is the Scissor-tailed Flycatcher (Muscivora forficata).

Source: Oklahoma Almanac 1995/96, p. 26.

What is the state game animal?

The White-tailed Deer is the Oklahoma state game animal.

Source: Oklahoma Almanac 1995/96, p. 26.

What is the state rock?

The state rock is the Rose Rock (Barite rose).

Source: Oklahoma Almanac 1995/96, p. 27

What is the state tree?

Oklahoma's state tree is the Redbud (Cercis canadensis).

Source: Oklahoma Almanac 1995/96, p. 27.

What is the symbolism of our Oklahoma state flag?

The present flag is the state's 14th, adopted in 1925.  It is a sky blue field with an Indian war shield of tan buckskin showing small crosses on the face and seven eagle feathers.  An Indian peace pipe (calumet) with a pipestone bowl and a tassel at the end of the pipestem lies on the shield.  Above the Indian peace pipe is an olive branch, the white man's emblem of peace.  Underneath the shield in white letters is the word "Oklahoma."  The Indian shield signifies protective warfare, the small crosses on the its face being the Indian life symbol for stars, and represent the light of high ideals and purposes.  The seven pendant feathers are of the golden eagle, a symbol of the power of the sun as well as the mystic number seven which represent the seven sacred fireplaces in each of the three great divisions of the Osage tribe.

The Oklahoma flag slaute: "I salute the flag of the State of Oklahoma.  Its symbols of peace unite all people."

Oklahoma Flag Day is November 16.

Source: Tulsa County Homepage.  Daily Oklahoman, March 1, 1953.

What is the official song of the State of Oklahoma?

The official state anthem is "Oklahoma" written by Oscar Hammerstein II and Richard Rodgers, music. This was declared so by O.S. 25, section 94.1 in 1953.  For the lyrics, click here:

State Rock Song: "Do you realize?" by the Flaming Lips

State Children's Song: "Oklahoma, My Native Land" by Martha Kemm Barrett (Broken Arrow).

State Country & Western Song: "Faded Love"

State Folk Song: Oklahoma Hills

State Waltz: "Oklahoma Wind"

State Western Band: "The Sounds of the Southwest"

Source: Oklahoma Statutes, Title 25, 94.1
2011/2012 Oklahoma Almanac, p. 60.

What is the state flower?

The Oklahoma state wild flower is the Indian Blanket (Gaillardia pulchella).

Source: Oklahoma Almanac 1997-98, p. 38

What is the state flower?

The Oklahoma state flower is the Oklahoma Rose.  A deep crimson, this hybrid was developed at Oklahoma State University.

   Source: World Capitol Bureau, 4/15/04.

What is the state motto?

The motto of Oklahoma is Labor Omnia Vincit, meaning Labor Conquers All Things.

Source: Oklahoma Almanac 1995/96, p. 25.

Other State Emblems

Amphibian: Bullfrog

Animal (mammal): Buffalo

Beverage: Milk

Butterfly: Black Swallowtail

Cartoon Character: "Gusty" created by former Tulsa weatherman Don Woods.

State Day: Oklahoma Day, April 22

Floral Emblem: Mistletoe (The oldest of Oklahoma's symbols, adopted in 1893 - 14 years before statehood.)

Flying Mammal: Mexican free-tailed bat

Folk Dance: Square Dance

Fossil: "Greatest king of the reptile eaters."

Fruit: Strawberry

Furbearer: Raccoon

Grass: Indiangrass

Insect: Honeybee

Meal: Fried Okra and squash, cornbread, barbecue pork, biscuits, sausage and gravy, grits, corn, strawberries, chicken fried steak, pecan pie, and blackeyed peas.

Monument: Golden Driller, Tulsa

Musical Instrument: Fiddle

Nickname: Sooner State

Percussive Musical Instrument: Drum

Pin: "OK" pin

Poem: "Howdy Folks" by David Randolph Milsten (Tulsa)

Soil: Port Silt Loam

Theater: Lynn Riggs Players of Oklahoma, Inc.

Source: Oklahoma Almanac 2011/2012, pp.57 - 60; Tulsa World, 4/29/09, p.A1; World Capitol Bureau, 4/15/04; Oklahoma State Senate web page, 3/8/06.

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