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Maps Collections in the Research Center: Geological Web Sites

Delve more into geology with these geological Web sites

Oklahoma Geological Survey Mapping
Many Oklahoma Geological Survey maps and other publications are available online.  Educational programs and publications abound here as well. 

USGS Geology
This site provides a gateway into the USGS world of geology. Some of the links take you into the realm of volcanoes, earthquakes and landslides, while others explore our mineral and energy resources. Check out information on our continually changing earth, our marine and coastal areas, or reach out into our solar system with the astrogeology page. The USGS also provides links at the bottom of their site for searching their own publications as well as making connections to partnering agencies.

Geological Surveys
Use this site for a worldwide view of geological organizations. International surveys are listed alphabetically by country and grouped by continents. Links to United States geological surveys are at the bottom of the page. You can also find university departments, geologic journals, geologic societies, oil and gas companies, geo-software, and job postings in the field of geology on this site.

USGS Education and Outreach
This USGS site is rich in learning resources for children, educators, and the general public. Educators can find teaching resources divided up by primary, secondary and undergraduate levels.  For more fun at school, check out the Schoolyard Geology.  More geological information than you can imagine is available in the fact sheets which are keyword searchable.

USGS Geology in the Parks
This site contains basic explanatory information about geologic maps and about the impressive geologic formations found in some of our national parks. The Basics provides an introduction to geology and geologic maps, gives a glossary of terms, and links to some educational resources. In another section titled More, discover how formations such as sand dunes, caves, and glaciers formed. For a detailed look at some of the geologic wonders within our national parks and the forces that worked on them, delve into the Park Geology section. This site provides a wealth of information for the beginning geologist.