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Maps Collections in the Research Center: Floodplain Maps

US Army Corps of Engineers' aerial photograph of flooded areas in Tulsa's 1986 flood

Historical Tulsa Floodplain Maps

The Research Center houses many Tulsa city and county flood maps even including historical maps like:

Tulsa City Floodplain Maps

The city of Tulsa has a number of flood resources on their Web site from flood safety to flood history to flood insurance.  But, they provide their widely requested Regulatory Floodplain Map Atlas on their site too.

We carry the paper version of this map and keep it back historically.

Another publication we carry in paper is the Tulsa Public Works Department's "City of Tulsa:  A General Guide to Regulatory Floodplains."  The city mentions this in their Flood Insurance site and we keep both current and historical releases of this title. 

Tulsa Federal Floodplain Maps

FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) has a Map Service Center online where you can type in your address to bring up the FIRM (Federal Insurance Rate Map) flood map for your area.  In addition to flood maps, they also have disaster and hurricane maps on their site.  This site is conveniently linked from the library's Government Documents Web page in the Floods & Flood Prevention page which has quite a list of publications pertaining to floods, many of which are online.

The Research Center does also have copies of the basic FIRM floodplain maps for Tulsa County in paper.