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Homeschooling Curriculum

Need curriculum ideas or help? Take a look at these library books.

Local Homeschooling Organizations

Tulsa Organizations and Services for Homeschoolers

The Tulsa City- County Library’s Tulsa Organizations & Services database is a great way to locate resources and services to supplement home school curriculums. Below are some of the local resources that can be found in the TOS database. 

Community History Collection
A virtual collection of places and organizations in Tulsa that have something to offer in the way of Tulsa’s unique heritage. Examples of places found here are
Dr. McLean Historical Home, Tulsa Historical Society, Greenwood Cultural Center and the Perryman Ranch. To explore all of these listings, key in a name search for ‘community history’.



Over 1,000 speaker topics, plus they are available at no cost from people in our community. Just five representative examples include: animal welfare, architecture, gifted children, nature study and safety education. To peruse all speaker topics, key in a subject search for ‘speakers’.



The big and the small! Listings include Philbrook Museum of Art, Gilcrease Institute of American History and Art, and the Price Tower Arts Center, as well as the Tulsa Air and Space Museum and Planetarium. Key in a subject search for ‘museums’.



Do you need to organize a field trip? TOS has several places that offer tours, including the PSO power station in Jenks, Tulsa’s 911 facility, and also the Tulsa County Courthouse. Key in a subject search for ‘tours.’


International Groups

Many organizations in Tulsa have cultural, ethnic, and educational facets, spanning the globe from the Irish-American Club of Tulsa to the Hindu Society of Oklahoma, to the Tulsa Global Alliance. Key in ‘international relations and culture’.


Mix it Up

Want to find something, but you do not know what it is? The Keyword option will search the database for any word you put in, so you can try out your own terms. For example, try a keyword search for ‘youth clubs’ or ‘maps tulsa’ or even something like ‘reptiles or ‘scholarships” or even ‘home school’.



Homeschooling Web Resources

Magazines for Homeschoolers

Home Schooling Law