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Nonprofit Resource Center: Start a Nonprofit

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How to Start a 501(c)(3) Organization in Oklahoma

The Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits is dedicated to supporting Oklahoma's nonprofit community through training, networking, consulting, and membership opportunities. 

"In order for an organization to make the desired impact it seeks, it must have a solid foundation." 

OKCNP's publication, ​Starting a 501(c)(3) Organization is step-by-step guide for starting a nonprofit organization in Oklahoma. This guide includes definitions, links to forms and other important resources, and a tax-exemption checklist.

Before You Seek a Grant

 Whether you have an idea for a new nonprofit, or are already planning your social startup, this 45 minute webinar will give you an overview of how to build a strong foundation for your organization.

Plan Your Nonprofit

Tulsa City-County Library offers specialized resources to help you assess the needs of your community, write a compelling mission statement, and develop a strong business plan for your nonprofit.

Inspired Reading for Social Entrepreneurs

Book cover: Lessons for Non-Profit and Start-up Leaders

Legal Resources for Social Startups

Webinars, Podcasts, & More!

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GrantSpace is a free online learning community for the social sector that provides tools and resources to help nonprofits learn skills to find funds and build sustainable organizations.

GrantSpace resources include: