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Download Audiobooks : RBdigital Audiobooks

Learn how to search for, download and listen to our audiobooks on your device.

Getting Started with RBdigital Audiobooks


Download your favorite eAudio on to your computer or mobile device with RBdigital (formally OneClickdigital.)  

First-time users need to register to set up a RBdigital account. Visit Tulsa City-County Library's RBdigital catalog and select Register at the top right.  You'll need your Tulsa Library card number and an email address to get started. Save the Username and Password you create - you will need it to log into RBdigital in the future.



Once you've created your account, you can:

  • Use the Rbdigital App (see Rbdigital eAudio App for Mobile Devices) to use the service on your mobile device. 
  • Use the Rbdigial Media Manager (see RBdigital Media Manager for your Computer or Transferring Titles) to use the service on your computer or to transfer items from your computer to your portable device.
  • Check out up to 10 RBdigital audiobooks items at one time and place up to 10 RBdigital audiobooks on hold. 
  • NOTE: Customers with the Oneclickdigital App will be prompted to update to the RBdigital App when they sign in.

RBdigital eAudio Player App for Mobile Devices

Want to listen to library audiobooks on your Android, Kindle Fire, Nook, or iPhone (or other iOS device)? Follow these instructions to use the Rbdigital app on your mobile device. 

  Getting the App

  1. Download the free RBdigital app from the app store on your device (e.g. iTunes or the Google Play Store). Search for RBdigital and select the eAudio app. Links to the mobile apps are also available from RBdigital Help.
  2. After the eAudio app has loaded, select your library location and name (Tulsa City County Library System).
  3. Enter your RBdigital username and password that you created on the Tulsa City-County Library's RBdigital catalog under Create New Account.

Welcome to the RBdigital eAudio App!

  1. The first time you open the app, you will see the RBdigital App Tutorial. Swipe left to view the short tutorial. If you would like to view the tutorial again in the future, it is available in the app under Settings.
  2. When finished with the tutorial, click the Get Started button to start using the app.

Checking Out Titles

  1. If you have any eAudio titles currently checked out, they will automatically load in your app.
  2. To check out a title, click the Search icon. You can search by title, author, narrator, keyword, or genre, as shown on the screenshot to the right. (Tapping on Library Site will bring up the RBdigital catalog web page within the app, where you can browse. To return to the app, tap My Titles.)
  3. Once you've made your selection, click the Checkout button. This title will now show up on your My Titles page.


Listening to eAudio on Your Mobile Device

  1. On your My Titles page, click the Down Arrow to download each title to your device.
  2. To listen to your eAudio, click on the Play button. 
  3. Click on the i button for additional information.

Return or Renew Titles

From the My Titles Page:

  1. To return an item, swipe from right to left over the title you wish to return, and the return option will appear. 
  2. To renew an item, swipe from left to right over the title you wish to renew, and the renew option will appear. 


From the Information Page:

  1. On the My Titles list, tap the i under the title you wish to return or renew.
  2. Use the buttons at the bottom of the screen to return or renew.  

OneClickdigital Media Manager for Your Computer or Transferring Titles

Want to listen to library audiobooks on your computer, or transfer audiobooks from your computer to your portable device? Follow these instructions to use the OneClickdigital Media Manager. 

Get the Desktop App

  1. Download OneClickdigital Media Manager (OCdMM) for your computer (both Mac and Windows versions are available). It is available from the OneClickdigital Help page
  2. Enter your OneClickdigital username and password that you created on the Tulsa City-County Library's OneClickdigital catalog under Create New Account.

Checking Out Titles

  1. On the Tulsa City-County Library's RBdigital catalog, select a title you would like to check out. To find a specific title or author, click the magnifying glass near the upper right corner of the screen. You can also browse titles using the Explore button on the upper right.
  2. Once you've made your selection, click on the image to view the title detail page, then click the Checkout Now button at the right. After a few seconds, click Open when prompted. (Mac users may not receive a prompt. Simply open the OneClick Media Manager manually.)
  3. The OneClickdgital Media Manager will launch. If you are not already signed in, sign in using your RBdigital account.
  4. Click Play to listen to your audiobook or click Transfer (Download/Transfer on a Mac) to send the title to your portable device. (You must have iTunes installed to transfer titles to an iPod, and the preferences must be set to "Manually Manage Music.")

Need Help?

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OneClickdigital provides direct library customer support. OneClickdigital Help offers FAQs, user tutorials, and more. You can also email their support team at  or call 1-877-77AUDIO.